In April 2006, we established in the Yamakawa plant a laboratory aimed at quality control of our products and research on development of new products. In order to carry out the purpose quickly, the laboratory relocated to the first floor of the head office building in July, 2014.
Since April 2012, we are undergoing the request test, such as "In-situ density test" at the construction site which is using our products.
In the laboratory, we are receiving technical guidance as a technical adviser of our company about 2 days a week to Dr. Kunio Kimura who retired from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

Measurable test items
In situ density test Compaction test Modified CBR test Design CBR test
Water content ratio test of soil Cone index Liquid-plastic limit test Particle size distribution
Thermal analysis (TG, DTG) Heat treatment testThermal conductivity measurement Density measurement

CBR testing equipment, thermal balance, etc. Automatic tamping device, small jaw crusher, etc. Box type electric furnace, small rotating tubular electric furnace, etc.

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