Mitsuhashi Plant

At the Mitsuhashi plant, we are producing calcium sulfate-based agricultural soil conditioner (Ecocal®) mainly used waste gypsum as raw material.
"Ecocal" is an effective calcium material for soil conditioners produced from gypsum containing a large amount of calcium and sulfur.
"Ecocal" dissolves well in water and is characterized by a 170 times higher dissolution than lime (calcium carbonate).
When using "Ecocal", the roots extend deeply, which leads to a reduction in fertilizer.
Also absorbs sulfur at the same time, so it makes the crop nutrient transition smooth.
"Ecocal" is used to control the absorption of nitrogen to reduce the harm of excess nitrogen.
Continuous use of "Ecocal" promotes aggregation of soil, promotes the growth of effective bacteria, enhances the effect of phosphoric acid.
"Ecocal" is a soil conditioner, with calcium sulfate being the main ingredient. Compared with conventional products (calcium carbonate etc.), it has water solubility, water retention capacity, fertilizer power, drainage performance is improved, crops enriched in calcium content can be produced.

Overall view of the plant
Contents: pellet type with 20kg (flexible container with 500kg can also shipping)

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