Yamakawa Recycling Plant

At the Yamakawa recycling plant, we carry out intermediate treatment (crushing) of debris (fragments of concrete, asphalt, brick, roof tile etc., stone etc) and are shipping it as recycled crushed stone or regenerated sand.
Yanagawa City, Okawa City, Miyama City etc. facing the Ariake Sea in the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture are soft grounds called Ariake clay strata. In recent years, the large amount of construction-surplus soil treatment generated in construction work etc. has come to be seen as a big social problem. Since it is difficult to secure the disposal site to be discarded, it is the most important task to effectively utilize the surplus soil residue as a resource. In Yamakawa Recycling Plant, we introduced "construction - surplus soil recycling system" which prepares the stockyard of surplus soil and improves this surplus soil to be soil more than the performance of conventional backfill material.

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