Yanagawa Recycling Plant

At the Yanagawa recycling plant, we carry out intermediate treatment (crushing) of debris (fragments of concrete, asphalt, brick, roof tile etc., stone etc) and are shipping it as recycled crushed stone or regenerated sand.
In addition, we investigated whether sludge discharged from the construction site can be reused for recycled resources. In April 2006, we obtained permission for "intermediate treatment plant (drug solidification plant)" of construction sludge. After that, we expanded the items, in May 2006, added inorganic sludge and in November 2007, added burning ash, soot and dust items.
In addition, it was adopted by applying for solidification agent producing business by heat treatment of waste gypsum powder to Fukuoka prefecture recycling facility improvement project in 2008. In this project, we installed "waste gypsum hemihydration equipment" in Yanagawa plant in January 2009.

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